About Smart Way

Smart Way is one of the best platform to achieve Financial Freedom. to those who work hard and posses an ambition to grow successfully in their journey of life. Smart Way is one of the leading Direct Selling company in India, and giving opportunity to anybody those who are 18 yrs old and above. Smart Way does not ask for any qualification or investmentto be part of the company. Smart Way believes :One’s patience and continuous effort, never giving up attitude , shall lead to financial freedom.

Our business is one of the innovation, of dreaming beyond the ordinary, for the common man which would transit into creating a business empire whose greatest whose assetare its people with passion, and whose only philosophy- dare to dream and make those dreams so alive

Mr. Ashok Babu’s unique ideas are deeply seeded into the minds at Smart Way India Enterprises LLP. Its unmatched amalgamation of branded products has enriched lives, set new trends, brought colour and have empowered people in many ways into many homes.

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."

All problems are for solving, sharing and helping others. Help out each other to ease things.

Smart Way business model works on this simple principle. Help others reach their goal and you, automatically attain yours.

Ashok Babu Viddyasaagar Nagaripuram

Chairman & Founder

Mr. Ashok Babu Viddyasaagar Nagaripuram- a former Mechanical Engineer by profession, started his career in a gas & oil company abroad. He has led Dhirubhai Ambani FPSO –Unit - 1 and also worked in a leading position in an internationally known company PETROBAS, Brazil and Abudhabi Oil Coop (ADNOC). With the expertise, working in well-known leading companies, Mr. Ashok Babu started his successful journey as Founder Chairman of Smart Way Group of Companies. Along with Smart Way’s Network Marketing firm, he has founded Smartshoppi.com, for the sake of distributors an initiative to promote marketing Indian products.

We Pledge

At Smart Way, we pledge to create a legitimate and healthy business platforms to promote entrepreneurs among for youths and various stratum through Network Marketing, and thereby rewarding financial freedom in all areas of life. It’s our aim and sincere desire to explore our expertise in business management, brand development and Marketing techniques to spread and share them among our citizens and thereby allowing them to be successful in their life. The way of Smart Way is the smartest way to become an achiever and also to become a catalyst to improve other’s living.

Why always Smart Way

No requisite qualification or investment for participating in Smart Way. People who are energetic and are having own aspirations to meet the goal with financial stability in life. Smart Way opens the door to enter the aspirants to achieve their goal. Smart way’s competent Management, enthusiastic and sincere with committed marketing team with the quality products, promises improvement in financial, lifestyle, personal and all areas of life. Renowned companies branded products are marketed bySmart Way in the Direct Selling concept.

Smart Way for a better tomorrow

Unlike most of the highly paid professionals, Smart Way’s Network Marketing methodology will give you en-cash your talent, smartness, marketing skills etc. with a highly promised financial freedom, even without investing a huge amount as educational fee or business capital. It’s the dream of Mr. Ashok Babu Viddyasaagar Nagaripuram (Founder Chairman) & Mr. Suraj Nair (Co- Founder), to make a way to give people financially free to give opportunities to achieve each and every goal in their lives. Smart Way is the best way for a better tomorrow.